Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Little Candy Monster !!!

Last night at AWANA at the church, they had a contest where the kids were supposed to guess the number of Smarties Candy packages that were in a jar. Well, you all know what a candy-aholic my middle child is. Of course she was the winner. However not only was she the winner of this huge jar of "sugar", but she guessed it right on the dot!! 39 packages. One of the teachers laughed and said, "The girl knows her candy!!" SO, guess what I will be sending to school with Camon and Isabelle tomorrow along with the candy that I have already gotten - Smarties! If not, she would eat EVERY one by this weekend.

Also, on the way home she and Camon had an interesting conversation... Their PapPaw and MawMaw pick them up on Wednesday afternoons and bring them to church. So, after church I usually get filled in on how their day went. Well last night, Isabelle said, "Camon was tattling on me to MawMaw. He said that I hit him, but I didn't." To which Camon replied, "Uh-Huh, she slapped me in the face." And of course comes Isabelle's reply, "I didn't slap him, I just hit him." And, then Camon said, "Well, duh! You just admitted it." It was so cute!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our First Milestone!!

Yes, I know it is not rocket science, and especially when she is already 6 months old, but Ashlynn rolled over yesterday. I have not seen it of course, but her baby sitter called to tell me that she did so 3 times. You see to many parents this is not a big deal by the third child. However, when you have one as spoiled as Ashlynn - it is major. You see, she has two older siblings that will not let her cry. And, she HATES to be on her stomach. I mean screams and sobs when you try it (I blame the Pediatricians, because they are the ones who say do not put them on their stomachs). My other two hated their backs, so when she liked sleeping on her back, I thought it was great. Little did I know that it would put her behind. When she went for her 4 month check-up, I was warned to put her on her stomach. However, she is the last one and so a little spoiled. (by me but mostly by Camon and Isabelle) We hold her as often as we can and when she cries we make her stop - whatever it takes. And so, I ignored the doctor. Well, then at her 6 month check-up Clint was told that if she was not rolling over soon, we would have to go see a specialist. So, he has made me do it (it is all daddy's fault Ashlynn). I cried the first night that I had to leave her laying there crying. I think it is pure meanness. However after the baby sitter and I (sometimes, I did - really) put her on her stomach for a week (not for the whole week, but for a few minutes at a time), she finally rolled over. At least Amy and Isabelle say that they saw her. Anyway, I am sure that a few months from now, I will be writing and telling you that she is into everything and I wish that she still just laid there. SO, for now I will just enjoy her stillness but can honestly tell the doctor next time that I see him that she rolled over (even if she never does it again)!!!! Boy will our lives be changing now!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Walt Disney World January 2009

Now maybe you see while it has been so long since I have posted anything. We had Christmas (which I still need to post about), at trip to New York, and a trip to Orlando all in less than a month's time. And still have not slowed down.

The 2nd week in January, we went with Clint's family to Disney World. It was lots of fun. I think that is definitely one of the coolest places on earth (I just think I will leave Grumpy home next time - I will let you figure out who that was). The kids had a blast and Ashlynn was the best one of all. She rode in her stroller, or in my backpack carrier the whole time and never fussed a bit. I was so glad that she did so great (so, that eliminates her from being "Grumpy"). Isabelle loved seeing the Princesses and was not afraid to ride anything. Unfortunately she was not tall enough to ride some of the rides. But, she was a good sport about it and did not get upset when we told her she couldn't ride. Believe it or not, her favorite ride was the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. It is a ride that takes you up in a simulated "elevator", shows you "Twilight Zone" type scenes, talks about being in a haunted hotel, and then drops you rather fast, straight down (not once, but too many times for me to count). Go figure that would be her favorite. (that eliminates her from being "Grumpy") Camon's favorite ride was the Aero Smith Rocking Roller Coaster. It is an indoor roller coaster that loops and twists you upside down, while traveling VERY fast. He rode it 4 times. One of the cutest things that was said on the trip was the morning that we were headed to Epcot. The girls were going to have lunch with the "Princesses" that day and Clint asked Camon one more time (because he had been adament before about not going) if he wanted to go with us and see the Princesses. To which he replied, "I have three princesses at home, why would I want to see THOSE Princesses." (Me, Isabelle, and Ashlynn for those of you who are slow). It was so sweet. (so, he was not "Grumpy) It was sort of sad for me to realize that their favorite rides were the "adult" rides. It just reinforced my belief that they are growing up way too fast. The got to go to the Hat Shop and make their very own "Ear Hats". They chose the hat, ears, patches and all. It was really neat. I can not wait to go back when Ashlynn can truly enjoy it, too.

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P.S. If you still have not figured out about "Grumpy", let's just say that I wanted to buy the shirt that I saw with the dwarf on it saying, "I'm with Grumpy."

New York City New Years 2009

Clint and I recently celebrated our 10th Anniversary. I FINALLY convinced him to take me to New York City. We were there December 27 to January 2. It was so much fun (for me anyway)! We crammed as much as possible into our trip, including going to see the famous "ball drop" on New Years Eve. We were staying right in Times Square and it was so neat. Cold, but neat. The night we stood to wait for the countdown, it was -2 degrees (with the wind chill). But, I would do it again. We visited all of the famous sites, and saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. I think my favorite thing (besides New Years Eve) was the Empire State Building. It was so neat up there (bone chilling cold, but neat). The food was a common complaint, but we did manage to find our ALL TIME favorite Mexican restaurant while we were there, Sombreros. Mexican here just isn't the same anymore. We tried to avoid Mexican because we thought "Mexican, in New York City???" But New Years Eve when we had walked in the snow and freezing temps for several hours until we could not take it anymore, we saw this little restraunt and said, "Why not!" It was wonderful. I would also recommend Junior's (especially for cheesecake) and Tony's (Italian). Other than that, we did not have a great food experience. But, the sights were awesome. I Love New York! However, after going there twice (both times in December), I think next time I will shoot for fall or spring. The wind is just too much for this Southern girl!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009


So much has gone on since mid-December when I last posted. I will be providing an update soon, so check back with me!!!!

Happy 6 Month Birthday to Ashlynn Rose !!!

Yes, it is true my baby is 6 months old today. I can not believe how fast time has flown. She has been a great addition to our family. She is one of the best babies that I have ever been around. She fusses when she is hungry and other than that, you barely know she is around. Well, that is except when she is literally squealing very loudly with delight. Within the past 2 weeks she has started that. It is so cute. She may be talking to the ceiling, yelling at me while I dress her, or yelling at her big brother or sister. Who, by the way, she thinks are hilarious. I can not stop laughing at her when she does this. I hope that the pitch of her voice is not a sign of things to come (she is rather loud and high).

Her big brother still thinks that she is the coolest. He is a big help with her and loves her more than I could have imagined. About a month ago, she had a fever and I picked her up at daycare and decided to just check Camon out of school so that I did not have to come back to town. When I got there, he looked at me funny and I said, "Ashlynn is running a fever and so I am taking you all home." He stopped in his tracks and immediately teared up, and said, "Is she going to be okay?" It was so sweet. He is my tender hearted child.

Isabelle loves her too, but it is more of a baby doll infactuation. I am constantly finding her picking her up (yes sometimes standing) when she is not supposed to, and bounces her around like she is a toy. She also thinks it is neat to take her diaper off, bathe her, put lotion on her, and dress her. Yes, she has her very own baby doll.

Anyway, Ashlynn is precious. I am so thankful for her presence in our life and look forward to all of the many things that are to come for her.

Happy 6 Month Birthday to our Angel!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas !!!!!

I could not let this month go by without wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas!
I hope that it is wonderful for you and your family!

My family is doing great, just growing daily. They just do not stay little.

Ashlynn is almost 5 months old and weighs almost 14 pounds (she is not missing too many meals). She has been sleeping through the night for a week now, so that is WONDERFUL!!! As a matter of fact she slept until 9 am on Saturday (of course I was awake at 7)!!!! She is laughing and getting her little "baby" personality. She is a real happy baby! I think she will be a hair twirler like her sister - when she eats she is constantly rubbing her head with her left hand. It is so cute.

Isabelle, well what can I say. She is so smart and cute but boy can she get into some stuff!!! Her favorite thing to do right now is to cut and tape paper. Any type of paper, and lots of it. It makes a huge mess but it keeps her occupied and so I just let her have at it. It drives Clint crazy, though. He asked her yesterday what she wanted for Christmas and she said tape and scissors. She is also my inquisitive child. She has begun asking about Santa. "Why do they look different?" "Why do they wear different clothes and shoes?" "They can't be Santa's elves because they are too tall." And of course, "how will Santa get into our house because there is no chimney?!!!"

Camon is doing GREAT in the first grade. He is reading so well. I can not believe it. He also has made straight A's on both report cards that he has had. He is getting so tall and of course is still so sensitive. Ashlynn had a fever last week and when I told him, he immediately teared up and wanted to see her right then. He was so worried about her.

And of course Clint is fine. We will be married 10 years this coming Friday. I can not believe that it has been that long. Time flies when you are in Love, I guess. I am still thankful everyday (well most days) that God gave him to me!!! He is truly my "soul mate" and I love him more today than ever before! He is the BEST! We will be leaving the Sunday after Christmas for New York City. I finally talked him into taking me!!! I am so excited!

Anyway, this is just a quick update on my family! I hope that yours is doing just as good. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

JESUS is the reason for the CHRISTmas Season!!!